A Detailed Guide: How Much Does a Mobile App Cost?

Are you thinking to create a mobile app for your business? If yes, then you must be keen to know about how much it would cost to develop an app. In this blog, you will get to know the detailed information about the cost of developing a mobile app. There is no doubt that developing mobile apps have become a new money-making move for many businesses due to the growing use of smartphones. Nowadays, a large number of people are using smartphones for online shopping, ordering food, ticket booking, chatting and what not. The extensive use of smartphones has made mobile app development, a need of the hour to capture the widespread market that is swiftly going mobile.

Before figuring out the actual cost of mobile application development services, you must be aware of various things that can affect the application development cost. There are variables such as the type of mobile app, complexity in the app, the platform on which the app is being made, the experience of the app developers and many more that affect the cost of developing an app.

# Type of Mobile Applications

There are basically three kinds of mobile applications- Web, Native and Hybrid. It is important to know that each type of mobile application has a different development process. The web apps are usually the websites that are optimized for mobile phone users. The native apps are quite complex but offer an unmatched user experience. These types of apps are generally developed for specific operating system- either Android or IOS and need to be approved to be listed. On the other hand, hybrid apps are relatively simpler to develop. These types of apps usually function on a single programming language.

# Platform

In order to figure out what platform to choose to build your application, it is vital to know where your customers are. The app can be made accessible across several platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows and Web or all together. You must be aware that Apple IOS and Android have considerably different interfaces and systems. Thus, the apps developed for these platforms are certainly different. Though it is not easy to make a choice between these two platforms, if you have enough budget then you can go for both the platforms. Since two different apps need to be developed for the respective platforms, you will be charged accordingly.

# Functionality

The next important thing that affects the cost of developing an app is the functionality of the app. For instance, a list app, which is a mobile-optimized version of the website is usually simple to develop and is quite cost-effective. A dynamic app, on the other hand, involves a lot of complexity as it works along with other platforms and applications all the way through APIs. Thus, there can be a great variation in terms of cost. Furthermore, games apps are one of the most complex apps to develop and are usually the most expensive one. On the whole, each unique functionality may carry an additional cost in developing an app.

# Features and Visual Design

The cost of developing an app also depends largely on the features that you want to incorporate in the app to make it work seamlessly. Some of the basic features that many apps have include login, profile, push notifications, chatbots, social integration, geo-positioning, payment, etc. Another basic, yet most important thing that affects the cost of app development is the visual design and UI/UX. Aesthetically brilliant, innovative, understandable, easy to use, purposeful, consistency on all devices and platforms are some of the key factors that sum up a good design. Therefore, to make your app look fantastic, you may be required to spend more.

# Mobile App Developers

After making all the important decisions about the platform, type of app, functionality, design, features and all, the cost still depends upon the developers you choose to develop the required app for you. Though the team of experienced developers offering advanced mobile application development services can cost higher than freelancers and small companies, it is advisable to go for experienced ones. The reason is that the experienced mobile app developers are generally equipped with the latest technology and are more willing to address your specific needs.

After going through all the above mentioned information, it is understood that the cost of mobile app development can vary from a few hundred dollars to more than thousands.

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